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Sydney Real Tennis Membership - 6 months

Sydney Real Tennis Membership - 6 months

$320.00 Regular Price
$160.00Sale Price

Section Fees $300 per year

Social Fees $10 per year


  • Real Tennis Membership

    The final planning approval was issued by Hornsby Council in January 2024 for the real tennis court at Cheltenham, which paves the way for construction to start.  


    This is a critical milestone that we have been working towards since mid last year, so it is an exciting moment for the Club.  If all goes to plan, we are still on track for completion in the last quarter of the calendar year.


    We now invite Sydney-based real tennis players to join the Real Tennis Section of CRC in order to show your support and become one of the first members. CRC memberships renew on 1 July, and a 6-month membership for the remainder of 2023/4 costs $160.

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